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Vývojář: Vignesh Badrinarayanan

A must have app for everyone

Why do you need random? to do random things :) well no its just because sometimes you need a quick dice to roll or to select a random person or even to decide whether to take a decision or not. Our random app uses MRB - Micro radio brainology technique to determine what should be the right number(well just kidding but we wish we could come up with that). Often choosing a random number needs some thrilling or even a visual treat. Think youre with your friend and you want to pick something, this app with its different theme to generate random number will actually better serve your purpose as well as be a visual treat. Also if you are one of the youtubers who do giveaways then this is the perfect app as this will impress your viewers. Now did we just say enough about this app? check out how this app work.